Summer Course!

  • If you come in with a negative attitude, I guarantee you that by the end of your time here - you're going to be a lot more open-minded.
    Luca Rosano
  • I feel like the diversity of the group was so immense, you could feel it right when you walked in to the program... We were able to sit down and lay all our problems out on the table and understand where each of us is coming from.
    Denzel Amenyekou
  • My favourite Trinity moment has to be the day we went canoeing... At the end of the day everybody went home happy.
    Jasan Grewal
  • I never knew that we had such amazing history, something so rich, embedded in our city. I never knew that the Toronto Archives could be so important... I was blown away by the rich history and culture that was right under our nose.
    Ananta Sriram
  • We interviewed doctors, lawyers, journalists, judges, and it gave us a good idea of how the community functions. So by talking to people from different industries we see how these professionals are the building blocks of our community, and how it all functions together.
    Mitchell McDade